He and his staff have always been professional and competent...
I have been Dr. Clark's patient since I was referred to him in 1978. He and his office staff have always been professional and competent. I have referred many patients to him over the years and have only had positive experiences.
-Robert A. Shiroff, MD
...knowledgeable, professional, and incredibly caring...
I have been a patient of Dr. Stephen Clark for more years than I can count. I used to be one of those dental patients who feared walking through the door of a dentist's office...but not with Dr. Clark and his wonderful staff. Dr. Clark is a skilled practitioner who is knowledgeable, professional, and incredibly caring. His staff mirrors his extraordinary talent as a dentist. I would recommend Dr. Stephen Clark unconditionally for your dental care.
-Deborah Brown
...impeccably honest in his dealings...
I have known Dr. Clark for 7 years now and worked with him in a variety of capacities. I have found him to be impeccably honest in his dealings, a fine clinician and a concerned professional for the patients he cares for. I recommend him to those seeking general dental care and a resolution to their periodontal disease problems. I have personally seen his work and communicated with his patients. I've found that they concur with this assessment.
-Delwin K. McCarthy, DDS, CTO
I am no longer afraid to go to the dentist...
I was very, very, very afraid to go to the dentist. My boss referred me to her dentist, Dr. Clark. Every week she would ask me if I had made an appointment. After several weeks of this she told me, 'I will not do your performance evaluation until you go.' Needless to say, I made an appointment right away. It has been smooth sailing ever since. Dr. Clark is so caring and he has the best staff. I am no longer afraid to go to the dentist.
-Deborah A. Boyer
...we look forward to seeing him and his staff...
Dr. Stephen H. Clark has been my dentist for 33 years. He has taken care of my dental needs in a most professional and considerate way. Many patients are scared to see the dentist. My wife and I have never been apprehensive about seeing Dr. Clark. In fact we look forward to seeing him and his staff. We have always known everyone to be cordial and professional. As a 14 year lecturer and academic advisor at UNLV I highly recommend Dr. Clark to anyone who needs high quality dental care.
-Gary Waters
...kind, gentle, skilled and professional...
In Las Vegas there are many fine dentists, and then there are some who are not. Among the finest is Dr. Stephen H. Clark. I am Dr. Stephen D. Hanks, Orthodontist and Clinical Professor of Orthodontics at UCLA. As a member of the dental profession I am able to judge dentists from other than a layman's perspective. Furthermore, as a patient of Dr. Clark and one on whom he has done extensive work, and in behalf of my wife and 7 children who are or have been his patients, I am able to speak first hand concerning him. He is kind, gentle, skilled, and professional. It is my opinion that Dr. Clark exemplifies the noble ideals of the dental profession.
-Stephen Hanks, DDS, MS

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